Get A Bedroom Prepared Before Buying A Murphy Bed To Install

Posted on: 10 February 2021

Getting a murphy beds installed at home could be a necessity when you're interested in giving your home a boost in appearance or simply want more space for one of the bedrooms. Whether the murphy bed will be installed in a guest room or your own bedroom, you'll need to see what you can expect from the preparation work that can be involved.

Before getting started with scheduling installation work or buying just any murphy bed, the following tips can help prepare you and make sure that you'll get good results.

Prepare the Wall for Installation Work

As you look into getting a murphy bed installed, you need to see what you can expect for the installation work and what's going to be involved in making sure that it turns out how you want. Having shelves, artwork, and other details on the walls could lead to mistakes being made with the installation work, making it best to get the wall ready before putting anything up.

Since a lot of hardware will be used for the installation of the murphy bed, you'll need to see where the wall studs are and make other preparations in order for the installation to go smoothly.

Make Sure to Take the Right Measurements

Taking your time to get ready for the new murphy bed to be installed can provide you with the opportunity to make sure that measurements will be done correctly. From full size to king size beds, you need to measure the bedroom so that you can get a good idea of the proportions for the bedroom and what size of murphy bed will fit.

Be Certain About the Size You Need

Along with taking measurements to see what beds can fit into the bedroom, you need to be sure that it will suit the room and your needs. If you have multiple guests staying over, a large bed will be a good fit. Meanwhile, a smaller bedroom could need a murphy bed that will help save space, even when it's pulled down.

Getting your bedroom ready for a murphy bed to be installed can take some time since you don't want to end up frustrated over how it will fit into the room. By taking measurements and getting familiar with the size of mattresses and murphy bed hardware, you can have a much easier time with the installation work and knowing what to purchase as you begin comparing all the options for sale.