Designing a Craft Room? Why an Office Furniture Store May Be Your Best Friend

Posted on: 15 December 2020

Setting up a new craft room is always a fun and exciting time for crafters, especially if you have been using the kitchen table for your current workshop. A great craft room will give you plenty of space to create and provide adequate storage for all those important supplies. Visiting an office furniture store will help you find practical organizing systems that will help you get your craft room design off to a great start.

Filing Systems

From standard metal or wooden filing cabinets to elaborate and detailed filing systems, office filing systems are a perfect fit in the craft room for storing patterns and crafting essentials. Rolling filing cabinets are useful for moving supplies around if you have multiple work areas for cutting, constructing, assembling, etc. Choose metal or stainless steel units if you prefer a professional look or wooden filing systems for a more homey appearance.


Bookcases are an essential item in any craft room and can pull double duty as an organizing center and for displaying decorative items.  Add baskets or bins to a bookcase to house smaller items to keep your workspace from becoming cluttered. Purchase as many bookcases as you can fit along one wall in your craft room. This will give you plenty of storage space for future supplies or for stocking up on necessary crafting items when they are on sale.

Desks and Tables

A large office furniture store desk or table can double as a cutting station for sewing projects. Choose a desk that is durable and will stand up to the rigors of crafting. A large desk or table can be placed in the center of your craft room to save wall space and provide a central work area in the room.

Accent Chairs

No craft room would be complete without a beautiful accent chair. Office furniture stores often sell a variety of accent chairs to match any home décor. Place an accent chair in a corner of your craft room to create a space to relax between crafting projects or simply to add an attractive touch to the room.

Using office furniture to create your craft room will help to get you organized. From bookcases to filing systems, there is something for every crafter at an office furniture store. With the help of the right furniture, your new craft room will be up and running in no time at all.