Add A Rustic Dining Area To Your Apartment's Kitchen

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Quaint, cozy, and unrefined are three adjectives that may come to your mind when you think of the word rustic. If you grew up in a country farmhouse and some of your treasured memories involve sitting around the dining room table and enjoying a meal that was prepared by your elders, you can bring back these recollections and add some new memories to the mix by adding a rustic dining area to your apartment's kitchen.

Purchase A Slab Table And Seats

If your rental's kitchen is on the small side, you can create an eating nook in one of the room's corners. For a larger-sized kitchen, add a dining area alongside one wall or use the center part of the room as the focal point and set up the dining area in the middle, using the outer parts of the room as the backdrop, by adding decorations that fit the rustic theme.

The main piece of furniture that you will need to purchase is the table. A rustic wood slab table will contain natural, unfinished edges and virtually any type of wood can be used in the construction of this type of furniture. If you will be dining alone on most occasions and prefer a smaller-sized table, choose one that is irregular in shape and that will fit neatly in the area that you have chosen.

Custom-made furnishings are designed with your preferences in mind. This means that, if you would like, you can choose a table that contains a single piece of wood as the tabletop and a steel or wooden frame or you can select a table that contains an inlay or that has built-in drawers or shelving, which will provide additional space for linens, cutlery, and other accessories necessary for meals.

A bench seat or traditional wooden chairs or stools can be added alongside the table and will provide functional seating that is comfortable and reminiscent of the rustic theme.

Add Complementary Features

Checkered or floral placemats and a wooden centerpiece will complement the dining set and will not conceal the wood grain or additional natural features of the wooden slab. Hang some naturescapes from the walls or place some potted greenery on the flooring that surrounds the dining area to promote an unblemished and pure setting that reminds you of the outdoors.

If the table's surface has been treated with a sealant, staining from spills won't be a concern. The main thing to be aware of is that sharp objects could mar the wooden surface, so refrain from setting anything like this on top of the table.