Have A Lot Of Books? 2 Tips For Choosing A Bookshelf

Posted on: 29 November 2018

If you have a lot of books, instead of leaving them lying around in different areas of your home, you should purchase a bookshelf. This way you can display your books and be able to find them much easier. To help you get started, below are two tips on choosing a bookshelf.

Wood Used for Wooden Bookshelf

Wooden bookshelves are beautiful, and there are many types of wood used. First, consider the other types of wood that you use in your home, such as wood flooring, furniture, and more. Some wood types you should consider include the following. 


If your bookshelf will not be moved, such as it is being built into a wall, hardwood is a good choice. Hardwoods include cherry, oak, and marble. Even though the name says hardwood, this type of wood is not hard, but instead is heavy when compared to other types of wood. You can find hardwood in various grains and colors.


A much lighter wood is softwood. This includes pine, spruce, and cedar. These wood types can also be resistant to nicks and scratches if you apply a varnish or stain to the wood. This would be a good choice if you plan to move your bookcase often.


If you are on a budget, you will find bookcases made of plywood. This type of wood is not as durable as hardwood or softwood, however. The plywood is glued together and then pressurized. There are several thin layers used to make the wood more durable. You can find plywood in several grades that are based on quality and type of wood used during the manufacturing process. The thicker the plywood, the more expensive it will be.

Type of Bookshelf

Once you choose what you want the bookshelf to be made of, you have to consider the type. There is the standard type that holds books vertically, or you could choose a cube bookcase. This type has cubic spaces that may be rectangular or square to hold your books. The cubed spaces can be different sizes.

A leaning bookshelf is another option. This type looks much like a ladder leaning up against the wall. The shelves can be a variety of widths and are horizontal.

If you want to offer some protection to your books, a barrister bookshelf would work well for you. This type has smoked glass doors. If you move your bookcase, you could close the glass doors to keep the books in place instead of removing all the books before the move.

Find furniture stores in your area to look at the different types of bookshelves to help you make your choice.

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