Advantages Of Concrete Counter Tops Over Granite

Posted on: 21 May 2018

If you're remodeling your kitchen, then you may have noticed the various choices for counter top materials, including granite and concrete. Granite has long been considered the ultimate counter top material, but concrete can give you many of the same benefits. Both options have many similarities in terms or price and durability, but concrete has some unique advantages. If you're having a hard time making a choice, then here are four advantages of concrete counter tops over granite.

It Has an Infinite Amount Color and Texture Options

While granite has a variety of decorative options, concrete can be colored and textured in just about any way imaginable. You can even add pretty much anything you want as an inlay to create a truly unique, customized piece. This is especially useful if your home décor has a special theme or color scheme that you want to maintain or enhance.

It Ages Well

Concrete takes a long time to fully cure, so it changes over time, unlike granite which looks the same over the years. Many people enjoy the way concrete counter tops age with use. Most of the time, concrete ages a little toward the warm, or more yellow or red, side of the color spectrum. If you're planning on concrete counter tops, then make sure you consider the aging process when choosing colors and designs.

It Can Be Seamless

Smaller slabs of concrete can often appear as if they are one single piece, but even larger pieces can appear seamless if done a certain way. This can create opportunities for nice smooth effects and transitions. Even those large pieces with noticeable seams can be made less consipicuous with colored filler.

It Can Be Molded Into Any Shape

Concrete can be molded into any thickness and shape you need. This opens up endless design possibilities. You can create irregular, rounded, curved, or oddly-shaped counters and tables with concrete. You can also create unique edges by using special molds.

While both concrete and granite are great materials for counter tops, the versatility of concrete makes it a great choice if you wish to have something more customized. Concrete, if sealed and well taken care of, can last for years with little maintenance. While some people think that concrete is too heavy for their kitchen, it is not much heavier than granite. If you're convinced that concrete may be the right choice for your home, then contact a contractor familiar with counter tops, such as CSW Concrete Steel & Wood.