Interested In Chalk Paint? 3 Different Ways You Can Use It

Posted on: 18 December 2017

Chalk paint is made of hard pigments and it comes in a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and black.  There are two different types of chalk paint: chalkboard paint and traditional chalk paint. There are many ways you can use this paint in your home. To help you get started, below is more information about 3 of these ways. You can then get the whole family involved in this type of painting.

Use for Open Shelving

One use for chalkboard chalk paint is to paint any type of open shelving. Paint the wall first before you hang the shelving. This is beneficial as you can use chalk to write what goes on the shelves, so everything will always stay organized. If you do not want to write words, you could draw pictures of the items to make the shelving more decorative.

You could also paint the shelves with the traditional chalk paint, if you prefer. This will give them a unique look in your home.

Distress a Table

If you have a table, such as an end table, that you want to paint you can use traditional chalk paint. Choose a color like yellow or blue and learn how to distress the paint. This will make the table look antique and beautiful.

You can distress the table so that wood shows through the paint or you can put layers of chalk paint to completely cover the wood. When you are finished, you can continue and distress some chairs, a bookshelf and much more.

Make a Chalkboard

One common use of chalkboard chalk paint is making a chalkboard on a wall. For example, you could paint one wall in your child's room with chalk paint. They can then draw on the wall with traditional pieces of chalk practicing math problems or simply drawing pictures and doodles.

Because chalkboard chalk paint is made of very hard pigments the chalk will not scratch the wall at all. This is beneficial if you decide to remove the chalk paint in the future.  If you do not want to paint an entire wall, paint your child's door or only one section of the wall. Keep different colors of chalk available for them to use.

You can buy chalk paint and chalkboard paint at a paint store along with the supplies you need. The employee at the store can help you to ensure you come up with the right supplies so you can get started painting.