Four Types Of Furniture Stores And Their Uniquely Individual Benefits

Posted on: 15 August 2017

When you are in need of furniture for your first apartment, there are many ways to acquire what you need. Seeing as you have probably never shopped for furniture before, it is helpful to know some things about furniture stores. Here are four types of furniture stores and their uniquely individual benefits.

Amish Furniture Store

The Amish and the Menonnites have been making quality, hand-crafted furniture for centuries. Their furniture is recognized as the sturdiest, longest lasting furniture you can buy. Because almost all of it is made by hand, it has a unique look and minor flaws that give it its unique appearance. You should expect, however, to pay artisan prices for their work.

Traditional Furniture Store

This is any number of modern furniture stores that sells everything from mattresses to dining sets. While your furniture may look a lot like everyone else's, this type of furniture store does some things others do not. They frequently hold sales, "scratch and dent" closeout sales, and clearance sales on older furniture to make room for newer stuff. They also offer delivery service and set-up service, sometimes for free.

Wholesale Furniture Store

Wholesale furniture is furniture that is sold below manufacturer's suggested retail price. The store still makes a small profit, but you will not pay nearly as much as you would at a traditional furniture store. You may even buy three rooms of furniture for the price of one room of furniture at a traditional furniture retailer. Many wholesale furniture stores do not deliver. However, if you purchase your furniture a few days before you move into your new apartment, then you can use your movers/moving truck to pick the furniture up from the wholesale furniture store.

Antique Store

Many people pass by an antique store not even thinking about the fact that they can buy furniture here. This is unfortunate, since clearly all of this old furniture was made to last. It stands in an antique store proving this very point.

You could be decorating your apartment in furniture from every decade or century, giving your apartment a very unique look. From hand-carved Norwegian sleigh beds a hundred years old to dinette sets from the 1950's, you can find and purchase inexpensive furniture that reflects the real you. Considering the blandness of most apartment floor plans, it is your furniture that sets the real tone and mood of your first apartment. 

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