3 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Posted on: 9 July 2017

The art of feng shui involves designing your living or work space in a way that allows energy to flow, and promotes feelings of balance, calm, and productivity. Incorporating feng shui principles into your office design may create a happier and more peaceful office environment and boost your team's productivity at the same time. Here are three feng shui tips to try in your office:

Upgrade Your Office Desks

Instead of bulky, unattractive older desks, upgrade to sleek, minimalist designs that take up less room and complement the uncluttered look of a feng shui-influenced space. Feng shui advocates also recommend that desks are placed in such a way that each desk has a view to a window, or toward the main section of the office, instead of facing a wall. In addition, desks should be arranged without blocking pathways, allowing for an office that feels open and flows well.

Spend Time Decluttering

Another important way to implement feng shui for an office is to spend time seriously eliminating clutter. Having lots of clutter around can be a major distraction and make it difficult to concentrate, focus, and think clearly, especially for staff members who are more sensitive to their environment. When redesigning your office, go through each section and collect items you no longer need or use, including outdated or broken office equipment, old documents that can be scanned and then shredded, and miscellaneous items that are just taking up space.

You or your office manager can then determine which unwanted items to donate, which to sell, and which to throw away or recycle. You may have to encourage your staff to spend a bit of time tidying up their desks as well, in order to get the most dramatic effect.

Just Add Greenery

Plants and flowers are a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors in, enlivening your office space and making it feel more serene. Plants even help purify your office air, and are an important aspect of most feng shui designs. Lists of low maintenance plants are a great place to start, since you and your staff are most likely too busy to spend hours a week watering and fertilizing your office plants. 

By incorporating these feng shui tips into your office design, you will create a more zen-like and calm setting for your team, while creating a more aesthetically pleasing office at the same time. Check with an office system dealer, like Configure Office Systems, for more inspiration.