Learn How To Prepare Your Home For A Furniture Delivery

Posted on: 12 June 2017

When you purchase furniture from a furniture store, they will often send a delivery crew to your house to deliver the items to you. In order to make the process go as smoothly as it possibly can, you need to be sure that you properly prepare your home for the delivery. Use the guide below to learn how to properly prepare your home in advance to make sure your new furniture can be delivered quickly and easily.

Contact the Furniture Store

The first thing you want to do is contact the furniture store to find out when the furniture will be delivered. You want to be sure to know the date and approximate time that the furniture will be delivered so that you can properly plan for it.

Secure Children and Pets

Roughly fifteen to twenty minutes before the delivery crew is set to arrive, secure your pets so that they are not in the way when the delivery crew comes to make the delivery. You also want to be sure that young children are occupied during the delivery so that they do not get in the way and accidentally get hurt, as well.

Clear Paths for the Delivery Crew to Use

If you have a small house or a house that is somewhat cluttered, you may want to clear a path for the delivery crew to take so that your new furniture can be placed exactly where you want it to be placed. Take the time to move items away from the path that you want the delivery crew to take so that the items are not damaged or in the way.

Move Old Furniture Out of the Way

When you have new furniture delivered, you will need to move the old furniture out of the way so that there is a place to put the new furniture. You could move the old furniture out into your garage or ask the crew if they could move it for you. They may do it for free for you or may ask for a small fee to help you with the additional furniture move.

Once the new furniture is in place, you will be able to easily get rid of the old furniture. You could sell it or donate it to a local charity. Taking the time to make sure the home is properly prepared for the delivery will ensure that you do not have to move the new furniture into place later on down the road.