Turn An End Table Into A Dog Bed

Posted on: 27 May 2017

If you have an old octagon shaped end table then you may have been wondering what you are going to do with it. These end tables are a thing of the past for the most part. However, you can transform it into the perfect dog bed for your small breed dog and give it a stylish look at the same time. This article will walk you through the process of creating a great dog bed for your pooch out of this type of end table.

Preparing the table

The first thing you want to do is to use a screw driver to remove the doors. You can set them aside to keep for something else or toss them out; you won't be needing them anymore for the end table/dog bed.

You will also want to wash the table well so you get any oils, greases and dirt off of its surface. Once it has dried completely then you want to use a fine grit sand paper to rough the surface of the end table up a bit. Wipe the table down again to get dust off of it from the sanding process.

Paint the end table

You want to use a couple of coats of primer on the exterior and interior of the end table. Paint it in a clean and well ventilated area. After you have applied the primer then you can paint the inside and outside of the table in the color of your choosing. You can paint it one color, or mix it up a bit according to your own taste. Allow the table to dry completely. Once it is dry, you want to add a coat of polyurethane to the outside of it so you can protect it from damage.

Make the dog bed

Choose fabric that matches the colors you used to paint the table. If you used more than one color, then you can find some great fabric that incorporates all those colors. Cut two pieces of fabric so they are going to fit right inside of the table. Get some stuffing and use the fabric and the stuffing to sew the dog bed. Once the bed is made you can set it in the bottom of the table and now your dog will have a nice quiet place to rest and you can still use the top pf the table for drinks, remotes, magazines or whatever you want.

Talk to a furniture restoration specialist for more help.