3 Material Pairings For Your Livingroom Coffe Table

Posted on: 9 May 2017

If you're looking for a new coffee table for your living room, and have been overwhelmed by the options available, then a good idea is to narrow down the choices by focusing on a particular material pairing you want. This way you can better look at the actual designs, and focus on things such as height, length, and shape of the tabletop, without having to bypass all the ones which are made with materials you know just won't work in your space. So, here are three common pairings for designer tables and a bit about them.

Stone and Wrought Iron

If you love the look of a heavy coffee table, one that really is a central focal pint of a large room, then you should consider a stone and wrought iron combo. The classic match is some sort of marble and wrought iron, though you can also opt for polished or rough cut granite. These coffee tables are most suited for very modern, or large homes. The benefits of these materials are that they are practically indestructible, and require no maintenance. The downside is that the table will be quite heavy to move. You can choose a marble slab top, which would make the table visually impressive, but super heavy, or you could opt for a marble tiled top set into a wrought iron frame with wrought iron legs. This would have the benefit of being lighter.

Glass and Steel

If you like the idea of a modern table but are not crazy about using stone, then glass and steel is a perfect combo. These tables are nowhere near as heavy as their marble counterparts but have the same elegant and unusual design. Also, they don't stand out as much in smaller spaces, so if you have a smaller home, and feel that a large stone table would simply be too overpowering, then glass and steel are perfect. The one downside to them is that they are somewhat fragile. So, if you're home has kids that like to toss things around, and the place is always abuzz with activity, then you might want to steer clear of a glass and steel combo. Additionally, you will need to wipe it clean with glass cleaner on a somewhat frequent basis lest you have a streaky tabletop.

Wood and Brass

Finally, don't forget the classic American made wood coffee table. These are a rightly famous because they work so well with so many different decors. When looking at high-end American made wood coffee tables, you can choose from hardwood tables, such as ash, maple or oak, or even ones that were designed using a beautifully grained wood such as mahogany or beech. If you're looking for an unusual twist on the classic tabletop design, you might like the slab look, where the tabletop is all one single piece of finished wood.

The use of brass fittings really works well with the natural wood and adds nice visual highlights to the texture and color of the natural wood material. 

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