Creative Ideas For Adding Storage To Your Bedroom

Posted on: 18 April 2017

Closets and chests of drawers were made for storing clothes. However, perhaps you have more items that need storing in the bedroom – or you have a lot of clothes. The bedroom can quickly become a cluttered space if you don't have adequate storage. Make over your bedroom with creative solutions for your storage needs.

Shelving with Baskets

One method for adding storage to the bedroom is by building up – in this case, up the wall. Typically there is a lot of space in the top portion of the wall not being used. This is a prime area for installing shelving. You can have shelving built all around the bed and up the wall, or you can add a line of shelving up near the ceiling. From there, buy pretty baskets for storing items. You can select matching baskets or a charming collection of unique ones, depending on the overall décor of your bedroom. You can use the tallest shelves for storing little-used or seasonal items.

Bed Frame

Your bed frame is another area for adding extra storage. You could buy a platform bed. This is essentially a bed on top of a big storage unit. It's also possible to add a headboard with hidden storage. In this system, the front panel of the headboard lifts up to reveal storage space. You can store any number of items in this headboard.

Custom Wooden Storage Crate

If you have the floor space, a custom wooden storage crate is an easy addition. The wooden crate can be customized to your storage needs as well as décor style. You can have the interior left as a single well if you want to store bedding inside. However, you can also have inserts added. For instance, if the storage is for a children's room, the inserts can be customized to hold toys without creating a pile. You can have smaller inserts added for dressing items such as belts and scarves. You can also have it customized with inserts to store nostalgic items such as records or old photo albums. Contact a company like B & ME Woodworking for more information on custom wooden storage crates.

Creative Armoire

Another furniture item that adds storage is an armoire. While an armoire can seem like an old-fashioned item, you can choose a creative one to update the bedroom. For instance, Home and Garden TV describes an armoire with painted blue panels decorated with mirrors. It's possible to buy a creatively designed armoire premade or to customize it yourself. So, you could buy a standard piece, replace the doors, and paint in to match your bedroom or just your whimsy.

Take back your space in the bedroom with creative storage solutions.