Getting A Good Night's Sleep With A Quality Mattress

Posted on: 3 April 2017

One of the most important and often overlooked parts of the furnishings in most homes is the mattress. A good mattress will help you sleep and rejuvenate yourself so you feel good the next day. Being well rested has been proven to make us more productive, elevate moods, and be generally good for your health and body.

When To Replace Your Mattress

If your mattress is aging and becoming less comfortable, it may be time to replace it. Most mattress manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress every eight to ten years but some will say you should do it every five to seven. The best way to tell is to check yours for wear and damage. If the mattress is sagging, heavily worn, or heavily stained, it is probably due for replacement. You might be surprised at how worn and uncomfortable yours is when you start shopping for new ones.

Finding The Right Mattress For You

When you start shopping for a new mattress, you may be a little overwhelmed at the options available to you. Most mattress stores will have so many different styles and sizes available that is can make it really hard to decide what you need. Take your time and lay on a few in the store. Get a feel for the mattress and how it fits you. There is no one mattress that is perfect for everyone so the best way to find one you like, is to try them out.

Taking Care Of Your New Mattress

Once you select a new mattress, you need to break it in and let it settle a little. Now that you are sleeping on it every night, the mattress coils and the materials will start to settle and confirm your weight and body structure. This is good but you don't want one part of the mattress to break in while the rest does not. Rotating and flipping your mattress is an important part of maintaining it. Every three months the mattress should be turned Flipped over twice a year. This keeps the entire mattress wearing evenly.

Protecting Your New Mattress

It is a good idea to cover your new mattress with a high-quality mattress cover when you first get it. Keeping moisture and dust mites out of the mattress will help keep it in good shape for years to come. Most mattress stores offer covers that will work with your new mattress but if you have a favorite brand or style, you can use your own. Make sure you get one that is waterproof but can let the mattress breath. And remember to seal the mattress in plastic if you need to store it long term.