Furniture You Need For Your Baby's Nursery

Posted on: 2 March 2017

Welcoming a new little one to your family is a wonderful adventure. As you get ready to turn an empty space into a personal world of comfort and convenience you may be wondering just what furnishings you need to put in your baby's room. Here are some ideas you can consider to make your newborn's nursery amazing.

Rocking glider seat

For those nights when you will be awake for hours getting your little one to go back to sleep, a rocking glider seat (with or without an accompanying ottoman) will offer you both the comfort you need. The rocking motion of a glider seat can help lull baby back to sleep while giving you the support you need for your lower back and shoulders. Consider a rocking glider with lumbar support so you have additional comfort while breastfeeding or snuggling your infant close.

Dresser changing table

Rather than invest in two pieces of furniture that can crowd a nursery, buy a dresser changing table instead. This piece of furniture features a small closet and a set of drawers for housing clothing, bedding, and diapers while its grooved surface gives you a safe and secure place for changing your baby at the same time. Make sure to bolt your furniture to the wall so your baby doesn't risk getting harmed when they learn to climb. Most furniture stores are happy to sell wall fixtures to affix furniture firmly and can even show you how to do the simple installation yourself.

Crib/toddler bed combo

If you will be placing your baby in a crib be sure to buy one that can later be transformed into a toddler bed as your child gets older. This saves you money by allowing you to invest in just a single piece of furniture to use well into your baby's toddler years. A crib should be adjustable so the mattress can be lowered as your baby begins to pull themselves up to prevent accidental falling out of the crib.

Clothing caddy

A clothing caddy is a great way to organize your baby's tiny clothes in their closet. This caddy is comprised of several cubby sections in a single shelf that you can adhere to the wall inside the closet for storing small items, such as socks, shoes, and other garments of clothing. This helps you stay organized in your baby's room with the many garments you will be washing and saves you time in not having to hang everything. Clothing your baby will wear when they get older can be hung in the closet until it is ready to hit the caddy rotation.

Keep these tips in mind as you visit furniture stores like Kettle River.